June 29, 2013

Don was very conversant about the repairs and is obviously very capable. I appreciated his approach and the work was done very well. We are pleased that you offered service for our Sub-Zero refrigerator. It is 24 yrs. old and now is "still" going strong. Don is the type of technician we want in our home. Trustworthy, knowledgeable and pleasant. Will definitely recommend Northgate to our friends in the area. 

June 21, 2013

I thank my lucky stars that I called Northgate and talked to Chuck. It saved me money; I didn't have to buy a new or some of the used washers and I was able to keep a washer that was not ready to be recycled by any stretch of the imagination. I owe Chuck a big thanks for being a very knowledgeable and professional when I called, Saturday, June 15, to check on used washers. I was told by another company's repair servicemen, out to my house on Friday, that the transfer case and board were gone on my 4 yr old Cabrio. The parts were so expensive that I was facing buying another washer. Chuck dealt with my frustration with my Cabrio washer and listened to the problem I was having with it. After listening to me, Chuck said that based on what he heard your repairman talking "shop" that it sounded like the bearing, which was not as expensive repair as to replace the washer. Chuck set up a service call and Doug confirmed it was the bearing, which Doug replaced.  What a difference it is so quiet through the whole wash cycle, not just the spin cycle. All I can say is Chuck is the ultimate salesman. He not only know his product, but he takes the time to learn about the service of the product he sells. Big box sales people can't even describe features of their products. Believe me, based on Chuck and Doug, not only will Northgate be my fist choice, I am also recommending Northgate and Chuck to my friends and neighbors.