December 29, 2009

A couple weeks ago I called that our oven bake element ignited and fizzled thus making our oven unable to use. Your service person on the phone knew immediately what it was, checked to see if you had the part, which you did, and proceeded to tell me how my husband could fix it himself thus saving us a service charge. We really appreciated that and have had similar experiences with that sort of thing in the past with your service department. I'm sure most places would just send someone out and take advantage of the situation to make a profit, but you keep the customers best interest in mind. We really appreciate that.

December 22, 2009

Dave has been servicing our washer & dryer for 20 years and has always fixed the problem!! He is very competent and courteous, and that is why we continue to do business with Northgate. He is very helpful in explaining not only the problem but offering suggestions to make the best decision for the future. Northgate offers the best service around! We will definitely continue to recommend Northgate to neighbors and friends. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December 14, 2009

The delivery crew was great. The very last delivery of the day and they asked if I wanted the washer and dryer switched around so the doors worked easier. They did it with a smile and then proceded to answer any questions I had and showed me how to run the washer. They were back at the shop late but they did it all with a smile and very very friendly. Awesome job!!!

December 1, 2009

I have always recommended Northgate to friends and family. I have always been pleased with their assistance in the repair of our appliances. That is why we keep coming back when we need to replace them. We have used NG for 30 years plus.

November 27, 2009

We always buy at Northgate BECAUSE of the excellent service - could not be happier with the timely manner in which our problem was corrected and the knowledgeable service man. Technician called and asked if he could come two days early - Dave deserves special recognition.
This is second time for a repair from Northgate. Both times were excellent service, including making the telephone appointment with Kevin, the service calls from Dave and Chris, I would certainly recommend Northgate. I can't think of any way you could do better. Thanks for all of it.

November 24, 2009

We initially met with Dave in the store. He did a great job explaining how Maytag is now selling their Neptune washer drum, spindle and bearing assemblies as a complete module, and how you had sourced alternative bearings and seals and developed a couple of tools to do the repair at much lower cost. He did the job exactly as described and additionally was very responsive to questions about the machine as he was working. He worked very quickly and efficiently and as a consequence I think the labor charge was very fair. We have already passed on positive comments to others and will continue to do so. We need to replace several appliances in the near future and this experience, along with a couple of very positive store visits, has caused us to consider Northgate first.
Chris was very friendly and very knowledgable. He explained what he was doing and why. He made sure that my microwave was working well before he left. I have and will continue to recommend family and friends to you. Matter-of-fact, I purchased a stove and hood fan for my parents; recommended you to my brother, who did purchase a stove and microwave and I told a couple of my friends that are about to remodel their kitchens to make sure they check with you before making their purchase decisions. Thanks again!

November 22, 2009

Would recommend to family and friends. Paid with TRIP dollars. Appreciated this added benefit. Washer had a dent in the front and when I made the salesperson aware he offered a $50 or to replace the front piece. I really appreciated how this was handled.

October 26, 2009

Dave is great - he has always handled any problem we have ever had. My family also uses Northgate for their purchases. Any appliance we have ever bought has been from your company.

October 24, 2009

Our shopping experience was very pleasant. The salesperson and the delivery crew were both courteous and friendly. We would recommend your company!

October 18, 2009

We called you because we knew you would not only do a good job but that we could trust whoever you sent. We were not even home when your repairman came. We told you our circumstances and had complete confidence and trust in your company and repairman. Our out of town guests could not believe we would leave you to your work without being home. We told them we were sure there would be no problem. You proved us right! You repairman has our heartfelt gatitude. We had a house full of relatives as our mother's funeral was that day. You came the day we called and we could feed everyone as planned. Thank you for your prompt service. Thanks again.

October 15, 2009

Your delivery personnel were great! They did a really good job. I would definitely recommend Northgate to friends and family. We always try to buy and support our local businesses rather than buy from the big box stores.

October 12, 2009

We appreciated the prompt service when the first dryer proved to have a leaky gas valve. We thank you for replacing it with a new one as quickly as possible. We always tell others about your awesome service. We would not purchase our major appliances anywhere else! Thanks again.

October 9, 2009

Lots of cool stuff on display! Love the new colors in washers and dryers. Sales and delivery teams were able to answer all questions and give advice. We love being your customers. We appreciate the friendly, knowledgeable service, free delivery and set up, take away of old appliances, and the speedy service. We definitely recommend your store to all our friends and family. We wouldn't consider shopping anywhere else.

October 1, 2009

I bought all my appliances at Northgate 10 years ago, have had excellent success with them. I was very impressed with how fast your service department scheduled the repair of our washer...keep up the good work! He was very thorough, explained the repair as well as answered several other questions. I would definitely recommend you to our family/ fact I already have!

September 18, 2009

We were very pleased with every asset of our purchases and deliveries. We were always given prompt attention, even it the store was busy, the sales people made it known to us that we were there and would be with us soon. The delivery people were very good, curteous, and knowledgeable. We definitely would recomment you to anyone - in fact we have already told people how pleased we were with all of you.

September 17, 2009

We came to Northgate because we have had excellent service in the past and have purchased all of our appliances there. The sales person was very knowledgable of the products and not at all pushy on trying to sell us at that time. The delivery men were also very courteous and knowledgable and were careful not to damage woodwork etc. They also took time to answer my questions and to make sure I knew how to operate the washer and dryer as well as fill out the rebate forms, register the warranty on line, and informed me to make a phone call rather than send in the form for the free dryer rack. They were also patient with me as I cleaned the floor and walls under and behind my old washer and dryer before the new ones were put in place. I also appreciated the advance phone call as to the time of the delivery. Yes, we will recommend you to friends and family and will be back for future purchases. Thank you!

September 10, 2009

You delivery personnel were wonderful. They were supposed to call before they left the warehouse with a time approximation and they did!! They were also going to call about 30 minutes before delivery, but instead they called to say they were running late. Something like that NEVER happens. I gave them my address, quick directions, and in 30 minutes they arrived. Very helpful along with the fact I didn't realize I would get a new venting. Thank you delivery for keeping me informed...very unusual in today's world.

August 21, 2009

Excellent service--this is why we always purchase our appliances where we know we can have them serviced. Thank you!

August 15, 2009

I am so glad I went in and avoided the "big box" stores. I definitely will be back for a new washer and dryer and will certainly be recommending you to others. You should be proud of your store and all who work there that made my shopping enjoyable and easy.

July 28, 2009

Your salesmen explained the rebates well, filled out most of the form so all I needed to add was the serial numbers and mail. I always recommend Northgate Appliance! And always hear positive comments from others. Keep up the good work.

April 3, 2009

Just a note to tell you how pleased we were with our first experience with your company. Your people were prompt, courteous, and professional, especially the service technician. He was very helpful and went the extra mile, which in today's world is not always the case. Thanks for a good first impression and should we be in a situation where we need service on our appliances or a new one, you will be our first call.

January 20, 2009

Thank you for fixing our washer! I recommend your service and sales to all I come into contact with.