February 24, 2012

Randy and Mark took were very gracious in giving us all the time we needed to make the big decision.  The opening for the range wasn't quite ready so Steve and Jeff just set in in place until I had finished. Steve came back later and did an excellent job of giving us an overview of how to operate the range.  We came to see for ourselves what all our friends have been telling us: Don't shop anywhere else for appliances. The total package, from the attractiveness of the store, the wide range of product you have available, the professionalism of the sales staff, and the quality and care of the delivery people - not a single slip-up anywhere.

February 1, 2012

Steve did a great job of explaining the choices and operation of the various models. Also gave us opportunity to purchase the scratch/dent model. No pressure - just good help. Made arrangements to have the washer and dryer delivered the same day which was good because the old dryer was standing with wet clothes in it.