February 4, 2010

My husband & I were had scheduled a service man to come to our home and repair our 12 yr. old Maytag washer. Tuesday morning, Dave called me to verify some info about what type of service we were needing. In the course of conversation, he gave me some things to think about, what we may be looking at, the cost it would be to repair it, the options I might want to consider, I told him I'd call him back. Before I could do that, he called me to tell about a used model on your showroom floor that matched my dryer exactly. The price on it was less than repairs to my washer would be. With the cost of delivery it could end up being about the same or less than the 2 hour repair job we were looking at. I asked if we did it, when could it be delivered, he said that very day! My husband & I made the trip to your showroom and sure enough, a washer identical to mine was there, same color, same make, same model! We purchased it, the delivery was made later that day, I washed 4 loads of clothes in it that evening and it even runs quieter than the one we had previously! It's amazing! And we are so pleased! Thank you to Dave for going the extra mile to make a satisfied customer! I am impressed and I will be sure to tell everyone we know!!!

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