August 15, 2010

I stopped in last month to look at new dishwashers. Ours was producing cloudy glasses and dirty dishes. Other stores had been happy to show me different models and sway me toward one or the other for purchase. I was ready to buy something that week. Your salesman (Mark, I believe), wouldn't even show me a new dishwasher. Instead, he took time to educate me about the change in detergents (now without phosphate), sold me some tablets to give me to give mine a thorough cleaning, and steered me toward Cascade Complete. After also talking about the possibility of hard water, I headed to the store and bought Cascade and Lemishine. I used the quantity that he had recommended, and now we have BEAUTIFUL dishes, and are so thankful that we didn't invest in a new dishwasher (which would have likely produced the same results as our current one). We've already recommended Northgate to friends and family, and will continue to do so! Thanks for saving us money, providing a great education, and helping us save our dishes!

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