September 25, 2010

Northgate's showroom is well set up, quiet, pleasant, and well-lighted. Location of the staff work center is in the middle of the showroom and is easily accessed by the customer. This is very efficient. The two representatives that served us, Mark and Randy, were extremely well qualified: they know the products well, answer questions directly and thoroughly, and are polite and respectful. Mark did a lot of work with us the first time we were there. In Mark's absence on the day we returned to buy, Randy was equally as helpful and patient with the many questions we had.

I am ashamed that I did not remember the names of the deliverymen, but both men were able and experienced. They were both efficient, worked well as a team, and handled the removal and installation professionally. The orientation and instruction process was unhurried, clear, and patiently carried out.....Both men have friendly and outgoing personalities, are respectful, and conducted themselves professionally. They did credit to Northgate Appliance Co.

You did well in all phases: Preliminary contact, sale, and delivery. All four people directly associated with the product and the service you provided to us deserve to be recognized as providing EXCELLENT customer service to us. I (we) would heartily recommend you to friends and family...and we will. Our first shopping location was Northgate. We then visited other dealers in the area. We seriously entertained the idea of buying from a "Big Box" store (Lowe's, Best Buy, Sam's, Costco) to obtain the best price. We even visited the local Sears store, and the Sears in the Rivertown Mall. Our research in an old Consumer Reports monthly publication convinced us that their recommendation to purchase from "Independents" was a sound one, and we decided to return to Northgate. We are glad we did.
Alan & Kathy

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