January 5, 2014

I know we pay a little more than the big box store but the overall value is well worth it. From having top rated products, excellent installation, a knowledgeable salesperson, a great extended warranty which was hassle free to use, a strong service department with knowledgeable tenured employees, parts on hand, and professional service delivery. Doug arrived early, was very polite, seems to really know his product, performed the repair, and reinstalled the unit while taking care of our house. I was very impressed that he took the time to run all the burners, oven, convection oven, and warmer drawer. He even gave me some tips on how to use the warmer drawer to warm plates. (We have never used it). Service like Doug delivers is the reason Northgate is a treasure. He also paid the owner of Northgate a compliment, which is very classy. Take good care of Doug! 

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